Affirmate – Powerful Mindfulness Tool


The Affirmate Effect

At the heart of Affirmate lies a simple yet profound idea: in just 90 seconds, you can set the stage for transformative change by involving a personal item into an intentful mindfulness session.

When the practice is over, you are no longer attached to your phone for mindfulness. Your personal item serves as a reminder and helps to maintain the mindful state throughout the day. It lives on you, literally. This is known as The Affirmate Effect.

Here’s how it works:

Visual and Auditory Immersion:

Place a personal item on the screen, it could be a ring, necklace, bracelet, crystal or any other small item that fits the screen of your device, and get ready for a unique journey. Our unique practice involves auditory vibrations made of various meaningful instruments and sounds. The positive affirmations expressed verbally transform into captivating visual constructs created from light vibrations. During this brief mindfulness practice, these light and sound vibrations are absorbed both by you and your personal item.

Setting the Stage:

All vibrations used in this process were recorded in a specially designed sound healing room, led by a sound healer specialist. The room settings were complemented with special crystals employed to fine-tune the vibrations to resonate at specific tone and pitch, creating a harmonious blend, capturing the finest sounds.

90-Second Multisensory Experience

The Affirmate experience is a carefully curated journey that immerses you in a profound state of intention for self-improvement without much effort. During this brief period, you are transported into the mindset of the person you aspire to become by watching and listening.

Here’s why it works:

Immediate Engagement:

In just 90 seconds, Affirmate captivates your senses, drawing you into an experience that needs nothing but your brief attention. The combination of visual and auditory elements engages your mind on multiple levels, easily fits into your daily routine, making it highly effective.

Personal Intention:

Unlike lengthy mindfulness practices, where your mind tends to wander with various thoughts and images, Affirmate is intentionally designed to synchronize your thoughts, emotions, and intentions through meticulously crafted sound and light vibrations. It transforms spoken intentions into a visual experience, accompanied by positive self-affirmations. By immersing yourself in this experience and being present in the moment, you empower your subconscious mind to actively work toward your goals.

A Tangible Connection:

With Affirmate, your item becomes a reminder of your intention, and it lives on you throughout the day, literally.

The Affirmate Moon, Take Three Deep Breaths

Before the 60-second affirmation, there’s an essential precursor: the 30-second cleansing of the Affirmate Moon. This short and peaceful process prepares the groundwork and clears the environment for the affirmating journey. It’s like tidying up a room before decorating it—it ensures that your affirmations embed in a clean and harmonious space.

As the 30-second cleansing phase initiates, inhale and exhale deeply three times, allowing these three breaths to harmonize your inner self, fostering a sense of balance and grounding. This will prepare you for the subsequent 60-second affirmation journey.

Daily Practice

Affirmate is not just another self-improvement tool; it’s a revolution in personal transformation. In just 90 seconds, you can immerse yourself in an experience that has the potential to reshape your life. With its blend of light vibrations, and the ancient wisdom of sound healing, Affirmate is a powerful and effortless path towards a state of mindfulness living.

We encourage you to Affirmate daily. Committing to this habit opens the door to positive transformations in your daily life, as your intention becomes a constant companion you wear or carry with you throughout the day.

Remember, you are what you repeat.