Throughout my life, I have been amazed by the immense power and stunning beauty of the universe, yet I always felt disconnected from it. Despite trying various mindfulness practices, I was unable to truly connect. However, one fateful night, I experienced a vivid dream where I discovered a novel pathway to mindfulness and a deep connection with the universe. In this dream, I envisioned a visual and auditory experience that would allow individuals from all walks of life to engage in meditation and mindfulness. The vision was crystal clear and when I awoke, I remembered every detail.

Rudy, Co-founder

My journey of self-exploration accelerated in my mid-thirties, a point in life where I found myself questioning the deeper meaning of existence. At that juncture, I sensed a desire for more profound experiences, realizing that the routine of accumulating possessions and following the same patterns lacked depth and meaning.

In this quest, I delved into the philosophies of Eastern traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Tao and more, alongside exploring Western philosophy, science, and the arts. Engaging in extensive reading and embracing various mindfulness practices, I gradually uncovered a profound approach to living—a deeper connection with the universe that changed my perception of life.

This transformative journey inspired me to write my first book and lay the foundations for Affirmate on the principles of mindful living.

Both of us are open and connected individuals, having participated in retreats, mediations, breath work, sound healing and more. The constant evolving and learning from these practices has led us to build Affirmate with absolute intention, where every component is carefully chosen for a unique and special experience.

Roy, Co-founder

I followed what seemed like the standard trajectory in life, diving headfirst into a fast paced tech career and earning degrees from reputable universities. But somewhere along that path, I began to feel an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, an unspoken feeling that something was missing.

It wasn’t a sudden epiphany but a gradual awakening. Life felt like an endless loop, a routine of working to make a living without really living. Slowly, I started seeking more experiences, eager to break out of the repetitive cycle. 
Those experiences opened my eyes to new ways of seeing things, making me think about what I’m here for and the difference I could make beyond the usual daily grind.

I explored ever deeper, and discovered various practices that opened doors to new perceptions. Meditation became a guide, teaching me the value of being present in the moment. Cacao ceremonies, sound healing, and breathwork—each offered a unique insight into the depths of self-discovery. Every encounter encouraged me more and more, yearning to delve deeper into self-awareness.

The transformation was gradual but profound. I started sensing a stronger connection, not only with the world around me but also with my inner world.

These experiences acted as a lens, reshaping my perspective on life. They taught me to be here and now in a world that constantly speeds forward, to understand that many of our daily worries are creations of our own minds. They encouraged me to listen more—both to others and to my own inner voice—a voice of deeper understanding and empathy for the world around me.

Affirmate Manifesto

The search for mindfulness is a constant inquiry into one’s own mind.

People practice mindfulness to gain peace, joy, relaxation, healing and a sense of purpose. They may view the practice of mindfulness as a skill, obtained by force or willpower, as if it were to be a process that can be controlled.

The attempt to grasp one’s own mind, creates a forced, goal and output-oriented mind.  It is like trying to solve an unfathomable puzzle, like trying to empty the ocean with a fork in order to explore its mysterious depths.

The true nature of meditation is a state of being, without forcing, without clinging, without expecting.

Affirmate is not to be grasped only by the mind. Affirmate is aligned with the true nature of the universe: Oneness. Affirmate achieves this by connecting people through light and sound vibrations, which in turn resonates with their heart’s intentions.

We are committed to helping people connect with their inner selves and the world around them.

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